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Another Year, Another Update

Before I left my current 9 to 5, I had started a collage of what every day felt like and did a mini recap on each day. I wanted to keep going with it, but I honestly forgot about it. While I was creating each "daily reflection" it was a lot of fun and gave a lot of internal insight.

Thee Big Changes -

“Your direction is more important than your speed.”

A well known [and some might say cheesy], quote that always hits hard. Not only is it known that I restart, and restart very often; most times it becomes draining. Like most things, when you consistently get 'failure' thrown at you, its less and less likely to continue to have passion for things. The day to day of additional pressures cause you to lose interest in old hobbies, questioning what you're doing in life. Much like my 'daily check ins' from below, I forgot about finishing this blog post as well. But here I am, picking up yet another thing I set down for a bit. A lot has changed, as most of you know if you're on my YouTube or Instagram. I am working fully for myself, on my own time. It has been just this past month of consistently doing what I want to be doing and trying to understand my schedule and how to keep myself disciplined without the pressure of someone above me. The dates marked are accurate, although I and J take an understanding to knowing that this is really the first month I have been doing things on my own. Picking up multiple things hobbies, socials, what I love and trying to balance them into an understanding that works with me and for me while stepping away from my current 9 to 5 to be my own boss.

Thee New 9 to 5 -

If you're new here, I've had quite a few job changes since my last post. I'll be going over in more detail for the next #SavageSunday on my YouTube channels (YES, that's coming back too!) Another big transition was finally pulling the trigger on doing things on my own, I say that loosely as I have the support from my community that I've been building as well as J supporting me in the day to day necessities. I have done a few vlogs since then, but I currently just have a stockpile of content for all socials I need to just push out.

melting icecream from AZ travel trip

I have had time to settle in, make a schedule for myself, put more time aside for editing (this has been the hardest thing; I do have so much content and so many things to post and talk about, but I fall short when trying to edit and make time to do the necessities before posting and getting everything out there.) I think I have finally figured out a flow that works for me, with leaving some space for daily changes and challenges that always pop up. This month has been full of lessons, triggers, and a different understanding of my self. I cannot wait to explore that more.

Upcoming Travel -

I am so excited that one of the main benefits for working for myself and being at home, I can set aside more time to travel with J since his schedule is the only one we need to focus on to 'get time off'. Our next big trips are: Hilton Head Island for my brother in law's 50th Birthday, Tennessee (myself only) for another bachelorette party weekend, and not too far to travel; but a concert of our favorite bands. This will be a super fun and busy month as we both have a ton of birthdays from close family this coming September. For any additional travel and upcoming trips, you can always check here. (or my Instagram stories for more consistent updates!) Cannot wait to share all my new 'first-time' things and more with you all. As well as upcoming events while learning more about my business and business items.

Much love


xx Thee Savage

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