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Catching up

There are so many things to catch you all up on! First of all, how literal YEARS, have flown by with countless moves and changes. As always, the only place to keep up on all things Savage, are here. Now that I finally think, I have the flow of things going. Lets check in for some updates and things that have been happening. I have missed writing and creating this type of content for so long, but we all know with mental stressors and life, it doesn't always work that way.

Welcome back to all of you, and hopefully some new people too. These blogs vary in a wide range of life, which is why I don't specially find myself in a 'niche'. I'm all over the place with content, just like I am with my life. That being said, lets jump in!

Thee Big Changes -

“Your direction is more important than your speed.”

A well known [and some might say cheesy], quote that always hits hard. Not only is it known that I restart, and restart very often; most times it becomes draining. Like most things, when you consistently get 'failure' thrown at you, its less and less likely to continue to have passion for things. Thankfully, I have a mind that doesn't quit [sometimes I'm thankful for it...] Which got me to applying and manifesting this job that I have now. Learning to accept job refusals as stepping stones into the place I'm meant to be in.

Thee New Job -

If you're new here, I've had quite a few job changes since my last post. I'll be going over in more detail for the next #SavageSunday on my YouTube channels (YES, that's coming back too!) I don't know how it worked out, to get this job, with these women, but I couldn't be happier. It was a weird transition to be with all women, but I've enjoyed so much of it. Learning new software and a new business model was hard but every day seems to bring new understanding. Another big transition was trying to balance not working at all and back into a 9-5. (still figuring it out.) I'm happy to be designing again, and working from home is a huge benefit; saving an incredible amount of time not driving which in turn gives me more time for me.

Thee New Things -

“You can't heal if you keep pretending you're not hurt.”

First biggest change was going to therapy. Although its been spotty on going in lately, it has helped. It took time to even accept going as well as finding someone who I actually trust (weird .. right?) to talk to about everything. We still have an ongoing diagnosis among quite a few that we have solidified. But I do plan on being consistent again now that I get work benefits (paying 120 out of pocket a week was draining and made me less willing to go.) Other new things: I have officially and fully moved in with J, its been fun cleaning and reorganizing the house (yes I mean that, I love cleaning lol). Gizmo is happier than ever (although he does miss his friends Zeus & Queso.) I've now been in this new design position for 3 months and not only learned more about myself, but better ways to actually work in a team. I'm back on a constant streaming schedule and added to that have even been meal prepping and overall just feel I'm back in the swing of things. Things are finally coming together.

Upcoming Travel -

Thankfully, with my work as I said above. I get a few different spaces in my time where most people would use specific PTO (Paid time off) but I get these breaks to combat the extensive burnout that happens with creatives. Our next trip will be over Fourth of July week, and we will be bringing Gizmo! [I know, I missed travel with him as much as you guys missed me posting him.] Then we will hopefully have a few more, but shorter weekend trips. The following one is hopefully Vegas in September! For any additional travel and upcoming trips, you can always check here. (or my Instagram stories for more consistent updates!)

Welcome back Savages!


xx Thee Savage

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