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FALLing into Habits

End of year goals. What I've been working on and want to work on.

It doesn't have to be the "start" of something, to start something. Which is why, especially as disciplined as I have been lately; I'm starting my "end of the year goals." I don't even remember what was on my goals for the start of the year .. does anyone? maybe. But I sure don't.

“Consistency Compounds .”

I feel any quote is always cheesy, but I love them regardless. This one, is insanely true. If you just show up for yourself, time and time again, the greater the outcome of you growing into exactly where you want to be.



To help with my flow of now being in my type of season, I'm going to write every day. It might not be a full blog post, maybe just something on Instagram on how I'm feeling or what I'm going through, but just enough to help me stay motivated to be more consistent with what I want to be doing. Thankfully, I have been consistent with posting on at least one of the many social accounts, let along Instagram's. That is my favorite platform, because I just like to mindlessly scroll and see what everyone is getting into. By setting time aside most days to have a 'creative hour' or just get some work done in any aspect has been nice.


Most of the money I "save" is very minimal. While I understand that saving even a small amount is better than none. I've noticed lately that I just want more. (Typical, I know.) But I'm going to start doing saving challenges and putting away what I always knew I "should" be putting away. Whatever that means. But there are a lot of things I want to save for that are large, so finally taking that step. Just like when we were younger, first started working, everyone always said "make sure you put away half." Well if I'm being honest, I never did that. Most times I never put anything away. I understand that's not great, but my mind and how it thinks has always been "this makes you happy now, so do it/get it." which a lot of you wouldn't understand unless your brain is like mine. I'm not trying to blame not saving/saving on my mental an the lack of mental health because I know I'm responsible for it, but that doesn't make it easier. That being said, I do want to try and make the conscious effort to do so and will be!

Gym Consistency

Lately, with the time that I have had to be my own boss, I have made the gym much more of a priority. I love that. Even if I just go to the gym to do some cardio (walking on the tredmill, stair stepper, etc.) or actually lift, it makes a huge difference for me mentally.

Building Confidence

That sounds slightly strange coming from someone who is going to be 29 in less than a year, about 8 months so a bit of time, but anyway..). I feel the more I get comfortable in my creative side (reading, writing, painting, creating content, etc.) the more confidence I gain. The main thing I see with influencers and content creators (over time, even before covid and the high on content creation and all of that) is that people don't tend to know who they are before they start creating. Then once they do, they think they know since they built something on what everyone else likes instead of what they like. I do that, too. Start to create more content based on what my following enjoys, but I also like to branch out and do other things that make me happy that might not get 'as many' views or likes. I think the confidence I have gained to know it's not about the numbers is comforting. I am excited to dive more into it.

What are you goals/ things your focusing on this fall?



Thee Savage

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