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Re-Routing My 9-5

I know I say welcome back a lot.. but I'm excited to say, that this time? Is for good.

Finally doing what I want, for me. The gratitude I have to even be able to do this, is unmatched. The last time I tried this, I didn't have the grounds, knowledge, or self discipline to do what I wanted to or how I wanted to do it.

A lot of people from the outside who aren't involved in my life, would assume I'm job hopping, once again. Which is fair, but there were so many steps, lessons, knockdowns and hurdles to get over to finally be here. On top of unruly decisions and things that have pushed me past my limits. It'll take me a minute to get back into the flow of writing again, so please, bear with me.

The first transition was my new car. Thankfully, it was gifted and I could give my old one to my younger brother. Although we still need to transition it into his name and all of the things, it is a great feeling knowing he is also stepping closer into items of his life to progress.

Next is setting my pace and schedule. I'm mostly excited to have all of my time back and not have to worry about focusing on if I will make it to the next day or have other things to pay for. Yes, I still have my own bills and things I need/want to pay for, but a lot of the large things most people (or myself) are covered - which I am so thankful for. The biggest struggle before when I needed a job, was all my own stressors and the pressure of our lovely student loan payments; which thankfully I feel I have more time to manage and keep under control.

"We must accept the end of something in order to begin and build something new.”

A lot of times I think that I have 'too many' hobbies. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is, if you stay distracted and unable to accomplish even simple tasks. But once learning and setting a pace/schedule that works for you, you'll soar. Which is all I can hope for, on top of the countless support I get from my close friends, and all of you!

What I'm most excited for:

My own schedule, but mainly, being my own boss. Having my time and doing what I want while feeling the most comfortable. Having the stress of trying to perfect things myself is already enough pressure, I don't want to feel that I'm constantly failing someone every time I make a mistake and then making it even worse on myself after the fact.

Being able to travel and do things when I want, when I want to. Knowing that I could road trip on a Tuesday without putting extra time in or having to think about any projects, clients, etc. is a beautiful freedom to have.

What I think are my biggest challenges:

Mainly asking for help and support when I need it. This has never been easy for me, in any aspect. Usually, I'll just take the struggle myself on learning anything countless ways or trial and error until I figure it out (yes, even if someone has an answer which is THAT easy to ask them.. I don't). This is something I'm learning myself and growing with. Another is sticking to a schedule. Yes, I know "poor me, I have some much time I don't know what to do with it." is really what I hear the most. But as someone who struggles with countless diagnosed mental illnesses, it gets to be a toll when you feel you have 'too much' time. But this is one thing my previous job did help me with. Scheduling and moving things around when they don't feel great, on top of having a check ins at the end of the week and additional charts to track my progress.


Welcome back, for good.

xx Thee Savage

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