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Self Discipline Ebbs and Flows

The importance of discipline and scheduling. I shouldn't have to explain that, it seems like common sense, something we 'should' all have a hold on. I used to be so self disciplined it hurt. People would ask me all the time how I manage to run so many accounts, work, go to the gym, eat 'right' and still have time for hobbies. It was simple then, I created my life around all of those things and set time for it, so why is it so hard now?

I don't usually get anxious for flying or being on the plane. The actual traveling doesnt bother me. It's all the stuff between.

Adjust your mindset ...

“If the plan doesn't work. Change the plan, not the goal.”

This is one of the hardest things to do (or accept). Changing the plan and/or our mindset. Working on changing a plan that we have had in our heads for so long honestly kind of hurts. It's easy to think negative of yourself and the work you put in when you feel like you should 'already be there' or 'have this accomplished'.

When you feel like that, try to focus on things you can change, manipulating your daily life/schedule/routine to help benefit you for more success.

Give yourself time to adjust ...

You have to give yourself time to change and adjust. If there are new factors in your life for example; getting a pet, dating, a new hobby, etc. You need to give yourself time to implement and understand what each new addition feels like and takes from you. Once you understand the amount of energy you need associated with each task, it is easier to move things around like stacks of blocks. Picture each task you have as a lego, there could be single legos like brushing your teeth, or a 2 wide 3 long lego which could be taking care of the dog throughout the day.

Each task can be broken down into smaller ones and stacked in different parts of your day to avoid what I like to call 'the tower effect'. If you're just starring at a tower of legos knowing each task is something you need to get done, it's very daunting, but once you can break them apart and stack them to a more comfortable block it is a lot easier to get through the daily tasks and start to set a schedule around it and make it natural.

Celebrate small wins

“A little progress every day adds up to big results.”

Most of us just focus on the goal, not giving ourselves a chance to celebrate the journey that comes along with the ride. Usually we skip past celebrating small wins because it feels like something that just 'needed to happen' or there 'isn't time'. But without these small things, there wouldn't be an accomplished goal. I'm not saying you need to celebrate every small task you do, like showing up (although if you struggle with smaller tasks, congratulate yourself on that, too.) Just make sure you take time to appreciate the progress you are making to get to where you want to be. By celebrating small things, like a week of consistency or a month of tracking something; you are not only giving yourself time to reflect on what does and didn't work for you in that small period of time as well as making sure in your mind state that you aren't just pushing this negative narrative (say that 3x fast LOL) of only feeling good/accomplished once you reached the said goal(s).

That being said, I am currently celebrating getting editing done, having consistent posts on my fans pages as well as tiktok and other socials. I am now keeping a goal list of small things I want to or do accomplish. Maybe that will help you too!

As always, thanks for hanging out and stopping by.


Much Love


Thee Savage

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