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Spooky Season Movies - Week One

It's that time of year again!! The best time. Spooky season. One of the few holidays where you're not obligated to see family, (we can touch on this later on the back and forth feelings I have about it). We plan on watching a scary-ish movie every night for all of October. It actually was Justin's idea, but we'll keep that a secret.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to scary movies or any horror movies, is you can't over analyze them if you're going to enjoy them. Most of these movies you just have to fully immerse yourself in them or they'll all seem stupid. Unless it's any of the ones based on a true story, those seem to get people the most.

“What's your favorite scary movie?”

I'm going to try and be slightly vague in some of these descriptions since I don't want to give everything away. Afterall the best part of scary movies are the jump scares and not knowing what's going to happen next.

So grab some cider, candy corn, and a cozy blanket to cover your eyes. It's time to dive into last weeks spooky movies & thrillers!


Choose Or Die | Rating 7 | Netflix |

This movie surprised me! It kept me questioning and interested, which is a lot to say for some scary movies. Especially the cheesy ones. This one actually had a few good laughs. I'm honestly shocked I haven't seen more about this movie for advertising. Even on tiktok I haven't seen a lot of posts about it. It's not widely popular. It does have some gore, not a lot, but even if you are sensitive to blood it's not an insane amount like texas chainsaw massacre or anything.

Inheritance | Rating 5.5 | Netflix |

I thought I was really going to like this one. I figured it would be a nice thriller to pass the time. The story was intriguing, a girl gets a gift left in her will from her dad that is a family secret and has been for years. But I still couldn't seem to stay focused. The twist at the end was good, but I wouldn't recommend this as a Halloween movie, more as just an interesting thriller.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark| Rating 6.0 | Netflix |

If you remember these books, you'll enjoy this movie! It brings these stories back to life. Although you can guess what might happen next, they put it together really well. For someone who doesn't know the books, it might be better since you wont know what's coming. But like most scary movies.. it is a little cheesy.

The Strange House | My Rating 2.5 | Netflix |

I do have to warn you, this movie is dubbed. Which usually I can get past, but this one was such a dry start. The plot of the movie was good, but I wouldn't recommend it for a good scary movie to watch this Halloween or season. If you absolutely need another movie to cross off the list, go for it. But I would suggest it as more of a last resort.

Trick R Treat | My Rating 6.5 | Amazon Prime Video |

This is a movie I've always wanted to watch, but never knew what it was. I honestly love sprit Halloween, well, with his mask on. It's definitely a typical scary movie. I would almost consider it a classic, but not classic like The Addams Family or Beetle Juice; but a very traditional scary movie. A couple jump scares, some blood, and an ending to make you a little wary.

The Privilege | My Rating 7.5 | Netflix |

I haven't seen much about this movie either. It's another one that came out this year. This is another one that's dubbed, but worth the watch. We always have subtitles on, so it makes it seem a little worse with it being dubbed if you're reading like we do, but it's good enough you look past that. If you're into science or witches, this one might be for you.

The Black Phone | My Rating 9.5 | Peacock |

This one was not only a great scary movie, but suspenseful. All my cereal killer lovers, you'll love this one. If you look at it like most people do and over


I Can't wait to share more movies and fun things with you all!



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