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Mental Timers and Stressors

Thinking you need to have everything 'together' and 'figured out' is one of the worst things.

I have this conversation with so many people; it's always at random, though, it comes up when you least expect it. Once the realization hits you, it's hard to convince yourself otherwise. For example: common times to get engaged are in the winter around the holiday season, or just at the end of that around valentines. And then right around the corner are the spring and summer wedding/ and baby announcements. In addition to people around the holidays typically getting some sort of raise or promotion.

This can be discouraging to you, if you feel you are working incredibly hard, but don't feel you have much to show for it.. or your 'clock' in your head is telling you that should be you right now.

Change your mindset

“If the plan doesn't work. Change the plan, not the goal.”

This is one of the hardest things to do (or accept). Changing the plan and/or our mindset. Working on changing a plan that we have had in our heads for so long honestly kind of hurts. It's easy to think negative of yourself and the work you put in when you feel like you should 'already be there' or 'have this accomplished'.

When you feel like that, try to focus on things you can change, manipulating your daily life/schedule/routine to help benefit you for more success.

Congratulate others .. AND yourself

Seeing someone else's success is sometimes stressful if you feel that should be you. But a better way to look at it, when you see someone else you know hitting that milestone in their life [promotion, engagement, babies, travel, etc.] is first, congratulate them (complimenting others and boosting them up helps your own mental state as well.) next look at your progress. When you see someone else at a milestone in their life, look at where you are now. Make a list or just take a few minutes to think of all the things you have accomplished in the past year, or just few months, or even week! All of your steps, minor or major, are leading you right where you need to be. .. although it is hard to accept that, this will benefit you, your goals, and mindset about where you're headed or even what you could change to get closer to where you want to be.

Focus on you

“A little progress every day adds up to big results.”

Most people don't see the build up. They don't focus on HOW you got there. - That goes for almost anyone. Once someone's at 'the top', their supporters and people admiring (or hating) on them only focus on that they are at the top.

Try to focus on your steps, your progress, your time, your mental state. That is what is going to help you get to the 'top' or the place that you want to be.

Take breaks when you need them. Even if you try, carrying the weight of yourself, everyone around you, while trying 'not to break' is less progressive than taking some time off when you need it.

Just try to remember: your accomplishments aren't less just because people you know have a different time table. No one's path is meant to be the same. We are all working toward our personal goals and things we want, which is different enough as it is and that's okay. Don't try to force your path because someone else got to a milestone at a different time than you will.


Much Love


Thee Savage

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