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Vegas Experience: COVID Edition

We are all ready to travel again, get out of the house, enjoy time out. But we are still in pandemic times. Masks up, always. Less or no contact with people. Extra caution. It's a bit strange, but it can be a good time!

The entire flight (unless drinking or eating) your mask will have to be on. - I'm sure this is for all airlines (we flew delta). The entire trip you will also need your mask on at all times even pool side (we stayed at Caesar's Palace.)

Here's some things I wish I would have known before I went. (some we should have assumed, but regardless I'm going to share them with you!)

Bring multiple and extra masks, it's hot and you will sweat.. wearing a sweaty mask isn't comfortable the entire day. (we brought a ton, but a reminder is always nice.)

Look up your hotel's guidelines. Even though you need a mask in all buildings at all times, some are different when it comes to being pool side or gamboling.

Make sure you make reservations prior to your trip. If you plan on doing dinners or even brunches that aren't quick/ order to your room or pool side.

**Most places are strict about the mask rule and there is always someone around to remind you to put it back on.

Walking around /Sight seeing

Like I said before, you will basically have to wear your mask at all times. The strip outside is a bit more laid back, but most people wore their masks outside while walking around.

I kept mine on most of the time unless I was drinking.


Make sure you reserve dinners early. When planning your trip you'll want to plan your events around your meals. Since most places are less than full capacity it is a lot harder than normal for dinners and brunches.

There are also a decent amount of places closed and some restaurants only open on weekends, so make sure you check online or call if you're unsure!

Pool side - you don't need reservations (at least not for Caesar's), but our pools had a long line & wait if you didn't secure a day bed/ cabana. If you don't get one you're just not guaranteed a spot by the pool or even in the pool area.

Even with restrictions and not able to get into some places because of lack of reservations, it was still a great time. Walking around some days and having a relaxing last day by the pool was the best birthday present I could have asked for. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the trip as well as some of the things we did while we were there.

Some Highlighted Locations:

Minus5 Ice Bar

There are a couple of these! (we saw two). It's a smaller bar, the wait wasn't long when we went. - be mindful there is not a bathroom inside.

Smith & Wollensky

Dinner Reservation - Amazing dinner, experience, and staff. This was my favorite dinner

MODS (Museum of Dream Space)

If visiting I would check online for a discount. It is a cool space, but not overall worth full listed price. Very few rooms to walk through and experience.

The Dorsey

Outstanding drinks, cute and comfortable swanky lounge area.


Where ever you travel next:

Be Safe, Have Fun!


Thee Savage

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